Video Conferencing

The next best thing to meeting in person.

Condeco helps you schedule video conferences globally, across different locations and time zones in one easy booking process.

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Key Benefits for You


User-friendly booking process

Compare room availability at multiple locations and book the rooms you want in one simple process.


Lower cost, higher efficiency

Negate the need for an expensive video services team by scheduling video meetings automatically.


Improve collaboration

Enable easy collaboration securely across companies, locations and time zones.


Reduce travel

Become more cost efficient by eliminating the need to travel to different locations for meetings.

View availability across different locations

Condeco Video Grid makes it easy to see room availability across multiple locations and time zones at once, and select multiple rooms in one go. Users can filter by specific room types and features to easily find the room they want. Frequently made bookings are made quicker by allowing users to save grid views and toggle between them using tabs.

Book everything in one go

See all the rooms as tabs to help users navigate between different locations, making it simple to edit each location and add visitors and services. Also, enable users to add external rooms or additional services – such as meet and greet, virtual meeting rooms or link directly with Cisco TMS or BT engage to bridge the call automatically.

Maximize the usage of video rooms

The simple booking process enables people to book rooms freely and confidently, which helps to increase your video conferencing. This can be continuously monitored and improved over time with comprehensive utilization reports.

Key Features


Multi-location view

See multiple locations at one time. Add or remove the locations from the availability grid as required.


Saved views

For frequently booked video conferences, save room ‘views’. Get notified when new rooms open up.


Room filters

Users can easily filter the availability view by room features, to quickly book rooms that meet your specific requirements.


Notification emails

Configure notification emails to inform users of meeting booking details.


Flexible business rules

Set up business rules for rooms such as: set up times or notice periods, and make sure users only book compatible rooms.


Video Bridge

Condeco connects to TMS and BT Engage to automatically schedule the bridge.


Additional services and connections

Easily select conference specific services and vendors will be automatically notified.


Multiple room booking

Manage bookings at multiple locations using room tabs in the scheduling tool.


External rooms

Request external rooms for a booking and the relevant service owner will be automatically notified.

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