Video Meetings

Create, join, monitor and simplify video conferences.

Communicate across multiple video platforms from many devices – connecting people via easy to use video collaboration.

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Benefits for You


Simple to use from any device

With Condeco Video Meetings you can easily join a video conference wherever you are, using your own device or any existing equipment.


Scale infinitely

It’s simple to connect Video Meetings to your existing infrastructure, allowing quicker scalability across your organization.


Fully integrated

Coordinate your meetings using your existing video equipment. Video Meetings makes the whole connection process seamless.


Optimize space

Detailed reporting on usage allows you to optimize your meetings and resources, significantly reducing overhead costs.

We make the complex simple

Condeco Video Meetings connects everyone together across multiple video platforms.


Coming in 2017 Condeco will be offering you an enhanced video collaboration experience as a part of Condeco Enterprise.

Effortless meetings wherever you are

Video Meetings enable you to get the most out of your existing collaboration equipment and let everyone join no matter where they are or what equipment they’re using.

Adaptability and accessibility

Works on any platform with a web-based application and open architecture, and supports all major video vendors’ equipment.

Connect on your mobile or tablet

Integrates with MS Outlook, iPad / iPhone, Droid, MS Windows Tablets, the web and many Room Control Panels.

Reporting insights

Allocates costs to the right departments and provides details of time and resource usage.

Cost efficiencies

Reduces labor costs of scheduling and rescheduling meetings and allows for more efficient use of resources.

Higher collaboration, lower costs

With Video Meetings you’ll reduce expensive travel and increase your collaboration. There’s no need for new, expensive kit either. You can use what you already have, and what participants are familiar with.

Easily manage your virtual meetings

Setting up audio and video calls, sharing content, and scheduling virtual meetings couldn’t be more straightforward. As a web-based solution accessible through MS Outlook and multiple devices, Video Meetings enables organizations to quickly and easily schedule everything they need for a virtual meeting through one, cost-effective system that truly coordinates all of the details in a fraction of the time.

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